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Put Your Best Face Forward and Say Goodbye To Acne Today

At Sullivan Dermatology, we specialize in helping our patients achieve clearer, more confident skin. Our approach is multifaceted and customized for each person's needs and skin type. We provide various treatment options for acne that range from topical products to oral medicines. In the case of cystic or large pimples, anti-inflammatory injections may also be recommended to reduce lesions. Anti-inflammatory injections are ideal for an “emergency” pimple that pops up right before a special occasion.

The Sullivan Dermatology research team has partnered with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies to conduct research and trials that help lead to new, more effective and groundbreaking dermatologic treatments for people suffering from acne. Putting our patients’ safety first and implementing sound clinical practices that deliver results is our top priority.


Dr. Tory Sullivan, our Board Certified Dermatologist with over 15 years of experience in conducting more than 30 clinical trials for FDA approval, is the primary investigator. His research includes testing new medicines for cutaneous conditions such as acne vulgaris. One of the most rewarding aspects of our practice has and will continue to be watching the external and internal transformation that happens for patients undergoing our acne treatment plan.

We invite you to schedule a consultation today to learn how you may soon too enjoy clear, healthy skin.