Sculptra for Décolletage and Neck RejuvenationAs we age, our face is not the only area on the body that needs rejuvenation. Often the focus of skincare is solely on the face. If you’ve noticed a loss of volume, skin laxity, and deepening wrinkles on your neck and décolletage, then it may be time to consider Sculptra.

The combination of crepey skin and sun damage in the chest and neck area can make us think twice about the clothes we choose to wear. Over time sun exposure and environmental toxins cause collagen destruction and the deterioration of the appearance of the decolletage and neck. At Sullivan Dermatology we can help you bring back your youthful décolletage and neck with the collagen-boosting filler, Sculptra.

How Does It Work?

Unlike many other dermal fillers, Sculptra stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and elastin for long-lasting and natural-looking results. Sculptra causes your own skin to gradually rebuild and replenish lost volume over a period of 4-8 weeks. While many people assume that Sculptra is simply a dermal filler, it’s actually much more than that. Sculptra is designed to stimulate neo-collagenesis or new collagen formation. After Sculptra is injected into the skin it is naturally absorbed by the body to rebuild lost collagen. Treatment of the décolletage and/or neck is performed as a series of two to three treatments separated a month to six weeks apart. Click here to learn more about Sculptra®.

Why Consider Sculptra Filler for Neck and Décolletage?

There are a number of reasons that women and men elect to undergo Sculptra filler for neck and décolletage. The treatment is non-invasive and almost no downtime. It is also unique from other fillers in that it restores the natural structure, support, and volume of the skin by replacing collagen. Finally, Sculptra provides long-lasting and natural-looking results that can last for up to two years.

Learn More About Sculptra Filler for Neck and Décolletage

If you are considering Sculptra filler for neck and décolletage, please call our office today or book online to schedule a comprehensive consultation.


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